the Boardwalk

New Zealand was full of natural wonders, not least among them the Orakei Korako geothermal park – this is one of the boardwalks heading up through native bush to the next thermal pool.

[I will be posting some of the images from this geothermal adventure on my New Zealand blog in quite a while as I’m still posting the South island journeys & this is a North Island adventure – just add the site to your reader or Follow me ‘Along the Long White Cloud

Joining Alive  & Trekking for this week's  Which Way Photo Challenge - 

12 thoughts on “the Boardwalk

  1. I wish we did boardwalks more in this country. So much easier to walk on than the scree strewn, bramble covered, mud to your knees trails that we have to endure!

    1. Boardwalks are made to protect natural vegetation from trampling and erosion, or to keep us ‘walking on water’. It is a bonus that they are easy to walk on.

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