Mighty the Wizard/ Who found me at sunrise
 Sleeping, and woke me/ And learn'd me Magic!
Merlin and the Gleam ~ Tennyson

You ascribed it to allure
yet you it was who lured us
over bold, bare mountains with phantasy
and promises of spellbound visions
I, bewitched by nightly whisperings
and Romanesque expression
blushed and begged
more magic before the candle guttered
and wax went cold

Making photoart out of Henry Moore's 'King & Queen' & some MAGIC in just 44 words (excluding Tennyson quote) for Linda's Quadrille @dversepoets

29 Comments on “Merlin

  1. Yes, an artful rendering of the prompt, and your last line is beyond killer.


  2. Merlin is my favourite wizard of all time, Laura, and I enjoyed the trip over the mountains of myth and legend. Candles are so important when casting spells.


  3. So good this. I like the Tennyson reference and how you’ve captured (in this small form) Morgana’s desire (for love, for magic, for knowledge), his dissembling and withholding and her frustration (and everything that flows from it) – hinted in the terrific last line.


    • Your interpretation shows a deep understanding for what goes on here both at the mythical and personal level. Excellent feedback – thank you!


  4. The extension of the trope “the candle guttered” with the wholly original “wax went cold” just sent chills down my spine.


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