Isolation #12

Times were when women would no doubt have taken their laundry to our local stream but it’s not done these days. That’s unfortunate as my washing machine has broken and a repair engineer is not deemed essential services so I must rely on door step collection and delivery drops from family member (hand washing and temperature checks in place) These are testing times but the Blackthorn is blossoming, I can still do light hand washing and so far all my family are well.

For as long as I'm well, am posting a pic a day to enhance these Covid-19 times of isolation and lockdown

20 thoughts on “Isolation #12

  1. I wonder if we’ll ever take our previous lives for granted again. This is akin to being in prison, albeit a more comfortable and liberal one.

  2. Oh goodness, what a time to have your washing machine break down.

    After two weeks working from home I started to have not so positive thoughts about it this past weekend, but when the alternative is to probably contract a virus, staying at home is definitely the lesser evil…

    1. yes indeed – I really only need a spinner as the machine washes – wringing out by hand is not ideal with a touch of arthritis!

      Quarantine is OK so far but it will wear us all down if it goes on too long

      1. It’s actually easy to install [I’ve always done mine myself] but the doorstep delivery is really not nice! I just saw this: – however it takes two people!
        On Blackthorn opening… thank you so much… I’d been thinking how this time of the year I’d been photographing everything blooming on my favorite hill, where I can’t go now…

  3. I’m sorry about your washing machine, but glad are your family are doing well. I found myself looking doubtfully at my kettle this morning. It really needs replacing, but I didn’t get around to it. I suppose a kettle is no big problem, but it just made me think how much we’ve been taking for granted.

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