Honing in on the Zone

More than a door, this opening
we do not simply enter but go by the way
of wings, a jump, a tumble even
the slip sliding launch: Gangway!
and then such strangeness
in upended elements; time lingers
with bated breath, long enough
to catch alight in a blue flame
to sink to the seabed, like a leaf
to grow in an earth of glories
to think – and so the door opens
we do not simply leave but go by the way
of shock, a leap of logic, a slap even
and all thoughts of the portal vanish

For this Tuesday's Poetics prompt, I followed Anamol through the Portal

46 thoughts on “Honing in on the Zone

  1. AH! That is so good — there’s more than just one way to make that entrance/pass through a portal. I love the rhythm and the jumps here, especially the pause and action at the word “Gangway”. You have captured it so well in a succinct manner. 🙂

  2. I love the energy and surprise in this poem, Laura, the ‘slip sliding launch: Gangway!’ and the shift to the ‘strangeness in upended elements’ almost as if one has slipped down a wormhole into another dimension, with vibrant colours of a blue flame and a leaf ’in an earth of glories’. I think I prefer to ‘go by the way of shock’ or a ‘leap of logic’ – they leave no time to think.

  3. I love this turning point in our journey:

    go by the way
    of shock, a leap of logic, a slap even
    and all thoughts of the portal vanish

  4. A great description of portals of life we must go through! … and the door slams shut with no memory of the previous one! Very nice!

  5. Though we are born under a veil of forgetfulness, losing much of what we learned in previous lives, I believe that older mature souls do not forget what they glimpsed within portals seen and imagined; rather they gather more pieces to the puzzle of life, catalog them, and save that knowledge and experience for the next life.

  6. When we’d like to just step through, we slip, slide, and fall…Gangway! It can all be rather disorienting.

  7. All thoughts of the portal vanish. a profound thought, that when one passes through a passage, it becomes as it were, redundant and inconsequential, the opening that once loomed so large is subsumed just to the fact of being where we are, in a new place. Wherever you go, there you are. Interesting to think how an opening is more than a door. Do we perish with the passing, or are we changed?

  8. I like the changes of pace, Laura- the sudden surprise of being somewhere different, the pause to watch a leaf, time stretching, and then the movement on. So much of life is like that – the change builds up unnoticed, and then suddenly tips us into somewhere new and different.

  9. The ending is so powerful, “we do not simply leave but go by the way
    of shock, a leap of logic, a slap even
    and all thoughts of the portal vanish” and we forget that we made the leap, up in the stratosphere previously unimaginable…

  10. I enjoyed this active journey into upended elements. I hope no one shows up to slap me out of it. Very little chance of that. 🙂

  11. I saw a shamanic journey or perhaps a spiritually guided hallucinogenic trip. I loved all the techniques mentioned in the previous comments – all those action verbs denoting sudden movements. They grounded the poem somehow even in the act of keeping it moving.

    1. I really appreciate your feedback Christine – you have tuned in to the intent – I guess when I think of tapping into creativity it is such a journey you described even without the aids of pill or poppy.

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