Slow coach

A big locomotive has pulled into town,
Heavy, humungus, with sweat rolling down,
A plump jumbo olive.
Huffing and puffing and panting and smelly,
Fire belches forth from her fat cast iron belly.

Poof, how she’s burning,
Oof, how she’s boiling,
Puff, how she’s churning,
Huff, how she’s toiling.
She’s fully exhausted and all out of breath,
Yet the coalman continues to stoke her to death.

The Locomotive – Julian Tuwin

Actually this is quite a small engine but in order to accurately find its place on the turntable, the steam train is driven at a snail’s pace and checked every inch of the way.

For the Photo a Day Challenge @ CitySonnets: Slow

4 thoughts on “Slow coach

  1. Is it terrible to say that apart from the last line and the iron (iron belly) that could currently very well describe me 😀

    1. ha ha – its that ‘body warmer’ we grow each winter as we slow down our activity. My daughter is still wild water dipping and she needs it most but all that shivering sheds the pounds!

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