A Gardener’s Sigh

So small, so symbolic
So much resides inside
The sown seed
Concealed in its neonatal
A thin haze of earth
Obscures my gaze to roots
Divining water. The casing
Swells, cracks, is castaway.

Shoots appear.
Each a gardener’s sigh
Bent upon the sky.

Just 44 small words for Merril’s quadrille prompt: Seed

56 Comments on “A Gardener’s Sigh

  1. This is absolutely stunning, Laura! 😀 I so love the image; “A thin haze of earth obscures my gaze to roots/Divining water.” It does feel that way and even though we cannot see past the haze.. our gardening heart swells with pride anyway 💝💝


  2. Your title grabbed my attention, Laura, and as I read the quadrille my smile grew. Now I’m beaming at the ‘sown seed concealed in its neonatal underworld’ and the sounds of the casing as it ‘swells, cracks, is castaway’ – the alliteration evokes sounds we would not normally hear.


  3. The miracle of the seed never grows old. Beautifully captured.


  4. An exquisite sigh, Laura: this is so perfectly paced! I love the imagery of the seed ‘Concealed in its neonatal
    underworld.’ Cosy and safe from all the perils of the earth. Sigh.


  5. luv that “gardener’s sight bent upon a sky”

    Happy Monday

    much 💗 love


  6. I love love love your ode to the seed, Laura. Favorite parts:
    “Concealed in its neonatal underworld.”
    The words you use throughout are like a symbiotic incantation to juju the seeds to life.
    There is no plant without a planter (in whatever form planter takes.)


  7. Wow, I took considerable delight in your language here. There’s something primeval in your imagery, very soothing but powerful – like a misty lake in a lost wood. I sighed to finish. Lovely work.


  8. I love the surprising “neonatal underworld” and the way you broke the line give it even a little more power.


  9. Wonderful poem, Laura. I echo the love for “neonatal underworld” and your ending was perfect.
    “Each a gardener’s sigh
    Bent upon the sky.”


  10. ‘Concealed in its neonatal underworld’ – love this image.


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