the unhitched hiker

the year ahead it opens filled
with miles of possibility
is that the reason we rejoice
with starburst skies and fiery
liquor in our bowels. Or is it just
a dance macabre for bygone trails
all those we took, all those forsook
pasted into travelogues.

And with some maps and bucket lists
venturers go where adventure's planned
to foreign lands and overseas
collecting myriad things to see
along the highways, fast and free.
But this stop's where I disembark
the unhitched hiker on her path
to walk the line, footsore and slow
uncertain where the slip roads go.

Joining Carrie for a New Year road trip at The Sunday Muse

19 thoughts on “the unhitched hiker

  1. First of all, I love the title!! A hopeful poem that nails the possibilities of the future wonderfully! So glad you joined us this week Laura! Happy New Year to you and yours!! 🎉✍️🤩

  2. I’m sort of uncertain where the slip roads go too, Laura. Our poems have a similar theme. Have a good New Year!

  3. This is a pure delight to read. “uncertain where the slip roads go” is a phrase uttered by many of us I imagine.

  4. Those last few lines of the first stanza (“Or is it just//a danse macabre…” just blew me away.

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