Skyline, eyeline

Walking around the streets of London, we are so used to looking up that it comes with some relief to find those places where we can look across or down

Having friends in high places for example…and a glass towered residence with panoramic views


One New Change between Cheapside and Cannon Street has a public roof garden across from the city and St Paul’s


climb St Paul’s 360 plus steps to the 360 degree Stone Gallery viewing platform or take it higher to the Golden Gallery above the dome for more eyeline skyline panoramas -(you can just see people in this photo)

“walk the spiral
up out of the pavement
into your own reflection, into
transparency, into the space

where flat planes are curves
and you are transposed
as you go higher into a thought…”

Jo Shapcott, Gherkin Music

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Free rooftops, platforms and views of London

12 thoughts on “Skyline, eyeline

      1. Today we had a massage, an Indian lunch and then walked miles…
        One does what they want really, isn’t it?

  1. I live on the 8th floor so I’m much more familiar with the tops and rooftops of the buildings I can see than the street views of them. I’m always being surprised by what I realize is actually the bottom of the top I look at every day. (K)

  2. It’s really great having “friends in high places!” Those views!!! I just realized how much London has changed as I try to navigate!

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