Monochrome in blue

I lost so much colour to the shadows when shooting up into the light that the people became black and white (with the tiniest of saturation adjustment on one red) leaving the one monochromatic hue of turquoise blue on the walls at Tate Modern

A photo that combines Monochrome with Blue Monday!

9 thoughts on “Monochrome in blue

    1. at first I thought I’d shot this with the camera mode in one point colour but this was the RAW file so obviously nothing more than a rather wonderful trick of the light

  1. To someone like me, untrained in photography lingo, this is just stupendous. It’s so real. It looks like things look in the somnolence of 2 o’clock. So real. I love it. Thanks for sharing, Laura. So artistic! Xoxo

  2. +1 on the colour, and the composition – those monumental blacks and constraining diagonals of the ‘culture machine’ and the captive humans hunched in – super evocative photo.

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