all trees do close to weave the garlands of repose

On these record-breaking scorching summer days in Europe whilst wildfires run amok and people seek the shade, the 350 acres of Hyde Park in London offered just such a place of escape and a cool place to breathe.

The subway walls of leafy murals signals the route to Hyde Park

Hi-vis stands out in the shadows

Often in summer, drinking from the spring,
I sensed in its cool breath and in its voice
A living form, darker than any shade 
And without feature, passionate, yet chill
~Edgar Bowers ~ Autumn Shade

Title from Andrew Marvell’s “The Garden” for this megahot Monochrome Monday where nothing is as cool as grey shades!

7 thoughts on “all trees do close to weave the garlands of repose

  1. “…nothing is as cool as grey shades!” How true. I find everything intensifies in black and white. Your images are beautifully evocative.

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