False Fall

Britain is suffering its worst drought since the mid 1970s, (when my youngest daughter was born) with dry weather expected until October. Some say we’re seeing signs of an August Autumn, with ripened berries on bramble and crisp dry leaves everywhere. Really though it’s a false ‘Fall’ with the trees going into survival mode. After all, the season does not change till September 23!

To reduce water loss plants initially close the pores in their leaves This also stops photosynthesis, since the supply of carbon dioxide is cut off. The resulting build up of trapped oxygen results in foliage damage and hence leaf fall.

London Plane trees in discard mode
Bloomsbury street litter
golden crunch!
moistening a dry mouth!
a brief deluge

10 thoughts on “False Fall

  1. Doesn’t sound good, however your images are so beautiful! After a few hot days we’re having rains here. May they travel over to you too! 😉 xo

    1. London had flash floods recently but most water washed away as the ground is too hard to absorb – here too a little rain yesterday, so perhaps a gentle restoration will follow before Autumn!

  2. Lovely photos Laura, been back to a normal oceanic climate here this week – soft mizzly rain, but quite humid which I hate.

  3. These photos are exquisite Laura! You’ve captured the essence of this very strange season, not simply the appearance. Lovely to browse through them.

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