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Another turn of the clock and another anniversary – 11 years now since I began this blog for photography when I swapped cigarettes for a camera. There have been a few different manifestations in between including the addition of poetry and photo edits as Phoartry .

To be honest I never take any notice of my WP blog stats but just for this anniversary I took a quick gander of the stats for this last year and it that shows my most viewed poem is:

And my most viewed photo which is really quite mundane (though with deeply personal significance for me) but perhaps the title appeals most!

Despite a number of technical problems with WordPress (the recent logging out problem is still unresolved) I am mostly content with this platform and shall carry on blogging for a while yet.

And lastly but not least, I am very grateful to all of you who’ve visited and left comments as encouragement, for even though this blog is for my personal satisfaction, it would be disheartening to always feel like a voice crying in the wilderness. So thank-you! ❤

23 thoughts on “Carry on blogging

  1. It’s good to have got to know you here Laura; keep going!
    Incidentally I see that your anti-war poem was posted before the appalling Putin launched his war on Ukraine. Sadly so prescient.

    1. What an encouraging comment, John. Evidently you looked further into the poetry link and I thank you for taking the time for that – your interpretation is interesting though as I always try to keep this side of politics in my poetry or balance it out somehow, as with that wry look at those I called the safe-in-their-beds! Both that and the previous poem to that quote admits the untamed beast in all of us.

  2. I remember that poem, and reading it again gets me ruminating again about who and how we humans are. I’m glad you are sticking around.
    As to WordPress…they keep telling me they are trying to solve the log-in problem, even though I told them I’m resigned to dealing with it, so they must be getting a lot of complaints. Not that I expect them to fix it…(K)

    1. thanks so much for encouraging me to stick around – and for the re-read
      [am surprised the WP happiness engineers(!) have not solved the login probs yet – it’s been a while and not even placed as a sticky in the forum which surely it should be with so many of us effected].

      1. My daughter the ptogrammer said WordPress is notorious for having a pre-Java program that is full of bandaids. I imagine even small problems are difficult to fix.

        1. p.s. the only browser I use that does not have the login/out problem is still MS Edge- not that I’ve tested many others but Firefox is my usual and that is still not operative with the login

      1. Oh no! You might have tried at the very time BlueHost was doing it’s thingy. I was unable to save my work yesterday as well. Thought I’d lost so much. Thank goodness I didn’t

        It’s back up, dearie. Thanks so much. You bless me. XoXo

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