lifting spirits

Chilly nights now
not icy as that clink in the summer glass
not yet - but gone the slim twists
of cucumber and lime. Effervescent
emerald rinds afloat
that lubricous liquid, clear and heavy
a devilish distillation suffused with herbs
and fruit of juniper.

G&Ts are passé as last season
bring on the toddy, honeyed, golden
some sweet, neat molasses shots
aromatic whites in potent purity
or the dark alchemy of Caribbean nights
slipping snug and rumbustious
into our Northern climes 

A palliative poem for Punam’s Poetics prompt: Cheers!

31 thoughts on “lifting spirits

  1. Your poem certainly lifted my spirits, Laura! I love the way you compare chilly nights to a ‘clink in the summer glass’, the assonance and colour of ‘effervescent emerald rinds’ and the ‘toddy, honey golden’.

  2. This is absolutely stunning, Laura! 😍 I especially like; “a devilish distillation suffused with herbs and fruit of juniper.” 💜💜

  3. Laura, you know your way around the spirits. Each one rises and plays in the light and the darkness. Cheers, my friend!

  4. Makes me thirsty reading this! I love all the alliteration, repetition of sounds here….”lubricous liquid”; “devilish distillation”
    I enjoyed this one!

  5. Beautifully described, the ice of the G&T and then slipping into the warmth of the toddy. I’m not certain that I’ve ever had one, but I imagined the scent and warmth of one as someone sipped it in front of a fire.

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