Ars Poetica*

visuals in verse
strip-lit ideas along ley lines
rhymes seasoned to taste 

melodious metres that pulse 
quickening a tick-tock lexicon
diction wormed away with sound 

skaters on figures of speech
or drydocked in dictionaries 
when poems fail to sail

but first...
squeezed between push and pull
come the first drops that inspire
inking the blank sheet
tracing prosody from the predeceased

Lest we become poetasters
we trail in sonnets, follow
along rhymester routes
learn customs cut in sandstone steps
all by heart. Then up there
yodelling over the valleys
over and over
till the voice comes echoing back
as our own 

* A poem that explains the “art of poetry”

It’s open link night over at dVerse where unprompted, anything goes

33 thoughts on “Ars Poetica*

    1. a lovely word that seems to suggest dining out on poems but it is actually derogatory -applied to bad or inferior poets. Hence we needs must follow in the steps of the masters and learn the rules first!

  1. This is absolutely exquisite! I love the idea of trailing in sonnets.. and learning customs cut in sandstone steps… this is exactly the kind of poem I needed to read tonight, Laura. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love the process from the push and pull, rhymes seasoned to taste, to the yodelling over the valleys. Hopefully its our own unique voice that we hear.

  3. A wonderful “ars poetica” Laura. I love the trailing in sonnets, learning to rhyme. . .till finally “the voice comes echoing back as our own.” 💙

  4. Laura this is a keeper, so fluid and deft. About the poem writing, I was lucky to stumble in to dVerse and taken under their kindly wing. Really like your “pointing at the moon” in the first stanza of part ii.

  5. You have so many great metaphors in your poem. I love the idea of poets yodeling from the mountain tops, hoping to hear their echo!

  6. A master poet once told me that it takes decades to learn how to write one’s poetry, and I hope I’ll live long enough to find out. This poem reckons the work and its difficulties and follows the heart up the steps to where we hear something finally familiar. Well said. – Brendan

    1. that’s encouraging Brendan – thank you – I guess its not so much finding as revealing what is already there but overlaid under baggage etc

  7. You have such a way with words. I especially love this description…”quickening a tick-tock lexicon/diction wormed away with sound”. How true that our voice can be hidden under the process.

  8. We have to admit, we love the classic forms of poems like sonnets, triolets, canzone etc. For us poems need a special rhythm. We see a lot of ‘poems’ in the net just like words written in lines.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Wonderful, Laura. So many nice phrases – rhymes seasoned to taste, skaters on figures of speech. You squeezed between push and pull and came up with something delightful. The last line (from “Then up”) is true of most any art, isn’t it? Or even life itself.

    1. thank you for all your appreciation – and yes surely it is true of life hence our adolescent rebellious phase yet still we can struggle to speak with our authentic voice

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