Breaking free

A Ricinus seedling after emerging from the Castor Oil bean. Even the seed leaves are highly textured signalling what lies ahead for this handsome foliage plant. It’s rugged nature is what I tried to capture here as its breaking free from the papery seedcase which still clings to the first leaves. However, I could not decide between hard or soft monochrome so tried both with the Ricoh GRiii image control monochrome selections!

Ricinus/Castor Oil seedling and papery seed case

Joining Leanne Cole for a Midweek Monochrome on Wednesday

8 thoughts on “Breaking free

  1. Well your honesty is appreciated. There are reasons for liking each given here, however no real test of the process since angle & light vary for each (not really the point I’d suppose). Glad you thought to look, this moment of a leaf. Think I’m coming more to appreciate change in all its faces.

feedback is food for thought....

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