Breaking free

A Ricinus seedling after emerging from the Castor Oil bean. Even the seed leaves are highly textured signalling what lies ahead for this handsome foliage plant. It’s rugged nature is what I tried to capture here as its breaking free from the papery seedcase which still clings to the first leaves. However, I could not decide between hard or soft monochrome so tried both with the Ricoh GRiii image control monochrome selections!

Ricinus/Castor Oil seedling and papery seed case

Joining Leanne Cole for a Midweek Monochrome on Wednesday

8 thoughts on “Breaking free

    1. thank you for your feedback – I think I too feel the same (but next time must not be lazy and will fetch the tripod to stabilise the shots even more)

  1. Well your honesty is appreciated. There are reasons for liking each given here, however no real test of the process since angle & light vary for each (not really the point I’d suppose). Glad you thought to look, this moment of a leaf. Think I’m coming more to appreciate change in all its faces.

    1. yes partly no comparison yet perhaps choosing which works best and capturing the magical moment when the first shoot breaks free with a force beyond genes

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