When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
— Ansel Adams

24.07.18: For quite a long time I had two blogs – one for the camera and one for the pen. Each clamoured for attention and the split never felt quite right so I’ve resolved the quandary here by joining forces and creating PoetryPix. The name speaks for itself as sometimes it’s best to do just what it says on the box

  • Poetry ~ I always hesitate to call my writing such but the amateur is not always amateurish and I take my efforts seriously enough. Certainly seriously enough to have imported most of my poetry since 2015 from @ Tell Tale Therapy. Sometimes I also write prose but not at any great length. I’m no storyteller.
  • Pix ~ The aim of my photography now is based on the old adage less is more so I’ve only imported some of my favourites from my previous photo blog @eljaygee. Sometimes I add commentary, a few inspirational words, or conjoin into an ekphrastic poem. 
    N.B: I’m particular about correct spelling and grammar but have deliberately used the mis-spelling of ‘pics’ to denote the use of a digital camera (currently Panasonic G6). Essentially then my photos are pixels – to be manipulated at will though I aim for the purer side of captures, unless otherwise stated.

The Home Page has featured images in a slider as well as a mix of recent poetry and photograph posts. I’ve chosen to go ad free as I want this virtual space to be devoid of third party buying or selling. After all, my imaginary T-shirt slogan has always been:

I’m a person not a purse!

Of course it means I have to pay to keep the ads away (some call it money with menaces) but hosting just this one blog means it is now more affordable. Enjoy!

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