Category: ekphrastics

image inspired


in a tangle of axons thoughts under take a ramble through jungle dense dendrons there by the bridge I place a lamp, under lighting nameless forms like moths in a glare to be catalogued word for word and under written in the warm wavy undergrowth I dispel just enough mystery to under score a… Continue Reading “Underworld”


Dear Mr. Underwood Rose Cottage…how good that sounds far from the Strand London bridge and our grand old city. Hope you like this card sending by way of a safeguard for our usual holiday away at Margate. Put out the welcome mat 6.15 at the railway See you Saturday… Continue Reading “Getaway”

Look down

London blocks the view with buildings Look up! cranes constructing more and higher still Look out! pedestrians like bumper cars the ambulant mobile-mesmerised Observe the signs of instruction cluttering streets, zombies guided here to there with directions Watch the rushing feet, weaving a fast lane through the muddled mass of Londoners Look… Continue Reading “Look down”