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We miss you in stiller moments the tree still there as reminder showy this Spring for one so small after all it’s just five years your students all gone too gone and forgotten there’s a fox though that never fails to mark the spot 44 little words for Grace’s Quadrille #31: Still


up ended and overboard the fall head over heels to Hades cloven hoofed kick arounds in clover a dizzying spin turning cartwheels well-heeled and overdressed unabashed stark nakedness bare skinned raw to the core lush red undercoat of purple plush lithe and underfed in a seedy frigid bed underling to an underworld king throughout this inclement wintry fling deep down coverlets of delicious…


We are still so many unbelievers Your preachings barely raise an eyebrow now nice thought nice deeds nice man neatly portioned faith for weak digestions hard to swallow surely but was it all just hearsay sexed up for impact – that bio documented by disciples your fire and brimstone tone I heed the…