PhoArtry: a composite word which by my definition edits a photo as art in order to illustrate poetry. Since poems are amalgams of thoughts, ideas and inspiration, the artwork is likewise abstractly referential

single illustration poems:
Deep Sea – Axton Clark
Eyes Down ~ Robert Crawford
Home is so sad ~ Phillip Larkin
The Maji: W.B. Yeats
Sea of Glass ~ Ezra Pound
Shells– H. Sobiloff’
Show me the body…: K Volkman
Longer poems with gallery of illustrations
The cold heaven: W. B.Yeats
The enkindled Spring: D.H. Lawrence
Flowers by the Sea ~ William Carlos William
The Hollow Men: T.S. Eliot
As kingfishers catch fire: G. M. Hopkins
Map of the new World: D. Walcott
Ozette: Megan Snyder-Camp
The Snow Man: Wallace Stevens
Under the Harvest Moon: Carl Sandburg
Unity: Pablo Neruda