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“A violent windstorm the night before the solstice” Jim Harrions ~ Solstice Litany agrarian ancestors were thinned from the blood far too many centuries ago some four or five families back there were at least woodsmen with knotty, close-knit hands reaching for the soil, the saw,… Continue Reading “Peripatetic”

Diane’s garden

More than ever it began as a love of labour filling the gaping gap of a gardener a happenstance just then when I’d lost another kind of ardour “Please do what you can with it” she’d asked and left the struggling courtyard in hands… Continue Reading “Diane’s garden”

the shrouded garden

silence sinks it feet in ground plants itself humble in the words (da Costa) There is a garden that enshrouds you I was there the other day bagging a leaf mold harvest where the sycamore shook itself like a dog and even without saffron robes… Continue Reading “the shrouded garden”