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Seeing red

lit with hues of flame and amber the Fall ignites pyrexic fervour stags staccato hormone rush scorch the burning spindle bush charge on hot and smoky breath the challenge even unto death horn on horn October’s clamour scars the grass with hoof and antler stamping, tilting  tournament crashes through the firmament belly deep the ireful rut thrust and… Continue Reading “Seeing red”


mid-sentence they held my attention eye-catching sparks of early bright sun maydaying in becalmed acres of grass I figured metal foil loosely crumpled resplendent, silver-quickened not gaudy geegaws, gold or brass one of nature’s objet trouvé trinkets clichéd on pendant, brooch or bracelet’s charm – semblance of wire and plexiglas ~ii~ a dessicated old soul of the… Continue Reading “Sparks”


my analyst would have seen a green light – were it a watery dream; leaping fish in a passion’s swell a deep-sea dive over the dam but it was no waking fancy Autumn rain, shoals of glitter-ball frantically feeling a way to the sea; how still we stood, in thrall to it all the storm… Continue Reading “Aquarium”