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An anxious wait

Time hangs heavy with the wait. Should have charged my mobile before I left. Now I’m really out of touch. I check  my watch, wondering if it’s the right time. The face is blurred – have to burrow into the rucksack for those cheapo readers. It’s… Continue Reading “An anxious wait”

A (rather long) fairy tale come true

To my Grandchildren – this week marks another astronomical moment in terms of space exploration. After five years hurtling through the cosmos under the technical guidance of NASA, the Juno probe has entered the orbit of Jupiter, joining its 67 or so satellites or moons. 1 The stated aim is to continue the scientific studies… Continue Reading “A (rather long) fairy tale come true”

The call of Spring

Out of Africa the home sickness is stirring summons of a sometime stranger to a near mythic land temptation of temperate mornings in a Spring mist where white flowers froth the criss-cross patterned lanes there I’ll perch and wait for the call in the key of C minor he’ll begin to cook and coo… Continue Reading “The call of Spring”