5. Taming the bull

“The whip and rope are necessary, else he might stray off down some dusty road. Being well-trained, he becomes naturally gentle. Then, unfettered, he obeys his master.

after the capture comes this watershed
‘though there are no fluid feelings or sylvan streams
just a slither of liquefaction in red rage on hard rock
where riddles run in rills between the feet of a Sphinx
apparitions vex the mind that made them
contradictions of the corpus callosum divide
seeing from believing

a Teumessian fox can never be caught
by a hound that always hunts to success*

the bull immovable by an unstoppable force
– an undesirable ego takes the desired way

Such posers leave me panting;
already exhausted by the chase, I’m paralysed by paradox
motionless, the minute lies of illusion materialise
all false dilemmas of a dilettante disposition descend
I  surrender this impossible knot of self-contradiction
together whip and rope make loopholes for the way ahead**
an unfettered bull ploughs the path

*see Greek Mythology
** symbolic of discipline and commitment to meditation

Fifth poem of the series interpreting the symbolic, ten oxherding pictures of Zen meditation – see Poetry Project: 10 bulls
And joining with Victoria’s poetics prompt this week: “I once used an earthquake in a poem: Symbolism”