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Out of the fog and smoke of Prague they summoned  a shapeless mass from ducts of bile veins where streets of spilled blood ran nerve thin alleys of the ghetto a being strong as scapegoat fear tended by prayer and spells for breath Awestruck was the rabbi blood… Continue Reading “Golem”


In the thoracic chamber are two grotesques narrow pinched features outward facing like a Medusan mirror to send shivers down the great Destructor; this world we know is not benign and at the turnstile, no earthly bribe gives entrance to the plush kingdom Symbolic soul ugly as sin to begin in the roily water fashioned it seems… Continue Reading “Anima”

The witch and the walnut

Over the convent wall, the tree hung its proboscis-like branches, laden with walnuts. We’d strop them with school belts, split back starchy green coverings, and trample the caseings underfoot. “Don’t eat them – the witch is looking” warned one of us and all eyes would glance towards the small, dim window, where a dummy face pressed unblinking at the huddle of… Continue Reading “The witch and the walnut”