Poetry Prompts

dVerse ~ the Poets Pub

a place for poets and writers to gather to celebrate poetry. We are many voices, but one song. Our goal is to celebrate; poets, verse & the difference it can make in the world. To discover poetry’s many facets and revel in it’s beauty, even when ugly at times” ~ dVerse

  • Haibun Monday – Starts the week combining prose & poetry, via haibun.   This feature alternates with Quadrille.
  • Quadrille (Monday)– 44 word count challenge based on a definition of a given word.  This feature alternates with Haibun Monday.
  • Poetics –(Tuesday) is all about inspiration. You will write about a provided prompt, whether music, art, photography, quotes or other challenges. Poetics opens at 3 pm EST on Tuesday.
  • Meeting the Bar: (Thursday) – is our lab, where you will receive teaching on poetry forms and critique. This is where we hone our skills. opens at 3pm EST
  • OpenLinkNight –(Thursday) is our large gathering – sometimes live) where you link any poem you would like. This is a great place to meet and hear new voices. OpenLinkNight is 3 pm EST, alternating with Meeting the Bar.