Since I bounce my creative tendencies from photos to poems and poems to photos, there must be a middle point and I’ve made it here:

  • Poet ~ Those beginning lines do not come easily so I enjoy taking another poet as prompt or else I take my own photos or photoart edits as the starting point (ekphrastis is the categorical term). More often I work the other way round and design some photoart to fit the poem.
  • Photographer ~ Above all, the camera has taught me to look more at the world around me and the hard part is now letting most of it go and trying to focus down as well as in. Instead of chasing every capture like a butterfly,  I shall be on the look out for those that tie in more with poetry, or have something to say, to me at least!

My background is philosophically existential(!) and the backdrop to all this so far, has been Central London, an intense city and great place to live if only I’d not grown rural roots many years ago.

I have a loving family, some very supportive friends, and an imaginary dog called ‘walkies’ which gets me out and about to exercise mind and body, in  most weathers. Sometimes I have my camera with me, and sometimes the beginnings of a poem begins with these few steps. I hope my followers will enjoy following me here.

On 7.10.18 my husband Martin died suddenly – he was the main support of both my photography and poetry and so this blog is now dedicated to him. 


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