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This is Kingsand in Cornwall which was dressed up to look like Margate for Mike Leigh’s film, “Turner”. The artist was drawn to the light of coastal Margate and he lived and loved there but long before this he had made a walking tour… Continue Reading “Kingsand”

Stoned at the Rock Fest

‘Geologist’ is the career path I might have gone down but having taken a different way, still retain an amateur fascination for mineral formations and the earth-shattering movements of landscapes. Definition: Rock is a naturally formed solid aggregate of one or more minerals. Stone… Continue Reading “Stoned at the Rock Fest”

The beachcomber

With little else to do on a beach far from the madding crowd, I am in my element. Every stone, shell, sea-weeded tideline offers up a vignette for the meditative eye. I never cease to admire the artistry and diversity of all these life… Continue Reading “The beachcomber”