We broke some bottles, rules and pentagrams
just  to be damned
We joined in war till fervour conquered all
with each nightfall

That's how it was - such crazy, hungry days 
passion ablaze
That furnace welded both our stubborn hearts
fixing to part

Then as we drifted closer in our realm
you grasped the helm
Then I with hand on rudder, steered ahead
twin thoughts unsaid

Those days were years and every one a score
uproar, rapport
Those evensongs, duetting on guitar
one rock, one star

When greyscale aging came upon you first
it felt accursed
When ills and pills became  a harsh routine
you lost esteem

And yet we loved and laughed to spite sure fate
at heaven's gate
And when the angel came in dawn's first light
you too took flight

Now we, broken by such parting, remain
as us - the same

For my MTB prompt: We writes Poetry, the theme is sparked by today’s National Friendship Day and our poetry is all about the first person plural or the coupling of I/you as ‘we’, whether significant other, family member, friend or pet. We write in the style of couplets – I opted for rhyming split couplets (5/2 metre) in memory of Martin.