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I-spy with lil’ old Ricoh

Autumn brings some colourful visuals to my local walk so I dug out my decade-old, battered, pocketable Ricoh CX3 and went rambling. The camera is still taking good enough shots, if unremarkable, and I’m sentimentally fond of it too. (there is a new Ricoh… Continue Reading “I-spy with lil’ old Ricoh”

O Poesy is on the wane

The title is from John Clare’s poem which speaks of regret for the changes that modernity was bringing to his landscape (and to his style of poetry). We photographers often look to the past too, amongst the decayed and derelict, that seem to be… Continue Reading “O Poesy is on the wane”

wanton as they fall

“The russet, crab and cottage redburn to the sun’s hot brass,then drop like sweat from every branchand bubble in the grass. They lie as wanton as they fall,and where they fall and break,the stallion clamps his crunching jaws,the starling stabs his beak. In each… Continue Reading “wanton as they fall”