May it never end

“And after April, when May follows,
And the whitethroat builds, and all the swallows!”
Robert Browning ~ “Home-thoughts, from abroad”

And after May...but I wish for a never after
holding fast as Faust to that month's moments
when quiet lanes foam at the mouth with birdsong
froth-full of  petal and wild chervil 

 Such an eruption of aqua vitae! 
Pouring though every pore of earth
and in one rush of landscaping, readily spreads
like the ingénue's awkward blush 

It is  green loitering on the brink of solstice
neither tenderfoot nor a mature and motherly shade
- but really there are no words this side of purple
lest we tangle in hyperbole around the Maypole

Call me melancholic if you will.
For when the budding month is set to swell
bursting in a boisterous cannonade of confetti days
I flag the voyaging vessel with signals of distress 

June comes now, spring-heeled and hot on the scent
of an all-too-soon, consummated summer. 
Yet spin we must, in synchrony with time and motion
or forfeit the chance of heaven

Re-working a past draft poem, timely for this time of year and also Open Link Night @dVerse, where unprompted anything goes