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Poem in just 44 words for De’s prompt: Thinkin’ inside the box

Chance encounter

A chance meet ill-met eyes matching yours catching sight of black cat stock still amongst cattails* green-eyed monster jealously guards the pond edge blithely bobbing fluffballs nemesis in nettle shades we saved the day but… never cross my path again next time heed the sign: ‘Trespassers have no invite. Strays are in my sights” *aka Bullrushes… Continue Reading “Chance encounter”


sunbathing meek mannered lambkins coat chequered snow and earth sly soft slinker of shadow blooded by moonlight © Laura Granby 2016 B & P’s Shadorma & Beyond based on James Kavanaugh’s “Soft and Silent” – and uniting with other versifiers on Sunday @ Poetry Pantry