The quality of cat

Cat is such a scratchy word
onomatopoeic as quill
on parchment - and quite literal too.

Cat's a contrary mix. Velveteen
paws with claws withdrawn
or sword drawn at dawn
to catch-and-cull the early birds

Cat sleeps in soft pile
carpets of feelable, fun fur.

Cat hisses and howls;
cheek by jowl when love
comes caterwauling

Cat walks alone.
All places are alike to cat
- just so, says Kipling*
and being most catholic in abodes
can cat-nap, lapped in a hovel
before a small, neat fire
or curled in cathedral pews
one spyglass eye
on church mice congregants 
their hymn book suppers shared
with worm

Cat can't be categorized;
and purrs don't make a person
 - so I never baggage cat
with personality 

Cat is companion
to me though!

*Rudyard Kipling – “The cat that walked by himself” in the Just So stories

For her Poetics prompt, ‘quality poems’/Kim invites us to write in the style of Les Murray’s ‘Sprawl’ list of personal definitions