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the mothers

The same number of words as bats for Kim’s quadrille prompt: eavesdropping.


Once we wore white petticoatspretty broidered frillsred ones were for cancan girlsand all such naughty thrillsadvancing adolescence saw us slink into silk slipshands that lingered longinglyover breast and hipssurfing all the curved preservesof honeymoon hors d’oeuvres A 44 word ditty that borders on the… Continue Reading “Titillation”

Fair Game

A Dorset lad, just fifteen yearsLoads double-gun for squire’s shoot.Father’s battle-line of beatersCrash through brush in wild pursuitOf partridge in their coven. FlushedTo flight on whirring wings, mutedBy cannonade, the boy’s cry, stepping out Half-blinded by the shot. Notes:My great-grandfather was double gunner for… Continue Reading “Fair Game”