Category: Poetry


Björn ask us to search amongst our book spine titles for some Found Poetry – with and without elaboration. I chose two as the prompt was so enjoyable.

Fair Game

A Dorset lad, just fifteen yearsLoads double-gun for squire’s shoot.Father’s battle-line of beatersCrash through brush in wild pursuitOf partridge in their coven. FlushedTo flight on whirring wings, mutedBy cannonade, the boy’s cry, stepping out Half-blinded by the shot. Notes:My great-grandfather was double gunner for…


“My body is a ghostNo one about but my intelligenceQuickening…” A bell rang for afternoon restShe snuggled, wriggling toes under the thin blanketThe weight of things to have to do left For others. Drip by intravenous drip, liquid momentsSlipping past, minutely marked in measuresOf…