Category: Poetry

In the rain

After a record-breaking warm dry May, it’s refreshing to join Sarah’s Poetics prompt: Rain


Once we wore white petticoatspretty broidered frillsred ones were for cancan girlsand all such naughty thrillsadvancing adolescence saw us slink into silk slipshands that lingered longinglyover breast and hipssurfing all the curved preservesof honeymoon hors d’oeuvres A 44 word ditty that borders on the… Continue Reading “Titillation”

the Box Room

The box room was always full of dustit settled in between the pillars of assorted trunkspiles of coloured cases all stored aboardlike us children for long stretches of school term.I loved the smell of it, the grime of years penetratingdeep into wood panels and… Continue Reading “the Box Room”