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Honing in on the Zone

More than a door, this openingwe do not simply enter but go by the wayof wings, a jump, a tumble eventhe slip sliding launch: Gangway!and then such strangenessin upended elements; time lingers with bated breath, long enoughto catch alight in a blue flameto sink… Continue Reading “Honing in on the Zone”


I murmur. “She inspired the splendid thought Which points to heaven and teaches honest eyesAll worldly lures and winnings to despise:” Sonnet XII There is no word quite so unrealAs perfect outside paradise, for IA mortal maid full-fleshed, shall diePure skin will pock like… Continue Reading “L’aura”


Björn ask us to search amongst our book spine titles for some Found Poetry – with and without elaboration. I chose two as the prompt was so enjoyable.