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Breathless with adoration

It is a beauteous evening, calm and free,The holy time is quiet as a NunBreathless with adoration; the broad sunIs sinking down in its tranquility;~ William Wordsworth [One for the summer solstice though this is the end of May and almost the last time… Continue Reading “Breathless with adoration”

Fast and furious

May 2018: A walk from Rotherhithe to Tower bridge when the month suddenly sprang into summer mode…and has not stopped since. Speeding by is one of the Thames RIB inflatables which made an ideal birthday gift for a daredevil grandson. For Visitors: Thames RIB… Continue Reading “Fast and furious”


Quite simply my intention was to write effusively today, perhaps spurred to superfluity in flashbacks of pre-natal elation; there’s nausea in nascency and I’m loath to froth over in over-expressive Glory Be’s and Odes but the wildest of wildflowers drives to excess, to lanes chock full to the… Continue Reading “Anthriscus”