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Pilgrim blue

I cannot let this month slip past like so much dandelion drift without a nod to bluebell woods broad oceans under ancient beech such fragile stemmed parabolas hung with bells as bait for bees violet hues in deep blue shade scentsational is May’s crusade… Continue Reading “Pilgrim blue”


After the opening finesse of foliage neat segregations of bush and shrub blur in jaunty slap-dash lines rhododendron contenders juggle for limelight an audacious muddle of fragrance and pigment the vulgar blending with vivacious along wooded paths in May I lose my way, amazed A… Continue Reading “amazed”

May days

“And after April, when May follows, And the whitethroat builds, and all the swallows!” And after May..but I wish for a never after holding fast as Faust to a month’s moments when the lanes foam at the mouth with birdsong frothing with petal and wild chervil a volcanic eruption of aqua vitae… Continue Reading “May days”