Rain and romance

For Martin with thanks for the memories

Two words trickle out
- rain and romance
running together in rivulets
drizzle down the glass
traces of an unhurried scurry of lovers
puddle hopping in syncopated rhythm
the black umbrella rising and falling in time
wet hair and couldn't care less
seeking cover in a fruit orchard
big summer drops and ripening plums
or there in the lee of a causeway, an upturned boat
weather-proofed and picnicking 

this far on into precipitous years
there is no desire for it
to tarry in the most modest of tempests
nor linger in the lightest shower
instead we scatter haywire like late November leaves
buffeted by gusty squalls to the far reaches,
the doorways, homeward bound
 - still holding hands

In the Imaginary Garden, two words plucked from Marian’s diverse collection of November Themes and bringing some romance fresh from the rain into Poetry Pantry