‘scaping the city

On a cold evening this week, just before sundown, I was passing the above iconic view of the architecture, new and old, along the Thames and so Patti’s Lens Artist Challenge: Cityscapes makes for an appropriate post.

London is my city – but what do we mean by the term: ‘Cityscape’? As equivalent to landscape it can be inferred as the wide open view.

East London

But these panoramas we tend to only see from the river Thames, from east to west

Westward and London upriver

And besides a Cityscape is much more than skylines. Rather: ” Within the context of art, Cityscapes reflect various aspects… including buildings, urban parks, city skylines, and city streets. ” Art History

And so over the next couple of weeks or so I shall be photographing London from all these angles, from the perspective of one who is leaving it for good. In short I am ‘Scaping the city’.

And I hope to be going off into the sunset – euphemistically speaking

Traffic in Farringdon Rd at sunset

Joining in with this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Cityscapes