Agitation in the air

“Already the iron door of the north
Clangs open: birds, leaves, snows
Order their populations forth,
And a cruel wind blows”

Stanley Kunitz’s poem – the End of Summer
today we walk away from summer
I dislike long goodbyes
this though was still too brief an encounter
- June melted hearts and July the tarmac
so that brows became rimed with salt
crystals in the weather-glass
suddenly misted up - and along August's arable fringe
scarlet pimpernels turned reclusive 

after much unseasonable maturity
the ultimate departure of Aestas has arrived
seaside holiday trains are withdrawn
arriving on the platform now, school children
uniformed and stampeding around in brown
suitcases with travel labels already unsticking
soon to be dusting themselves aloft
I turn to see leaf and litter travelling
up and down the windswept lines to elsewhere

first of Autumn’s poems to put in the Poetry Pantry