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Note to self

Midsummer – seems the sad-eyed Fall has inched in year on year how long ’til we see April weep buckets of bloom Fly by night the waking hours I recall still quite young something like a wilful end in February Balderdash! you’ve ages to rock up from birth this July blow the count of candle light… Continue Reading “Note to self”

Not yet

The thick-walled room’s cave-darkness, cool in summer, soothes by saying* entry is by invitation only or the waft of a damp white hanky surrender your body to stillness Not yet, not now, behind this prelude heat of the moment is passion spent water laps the aftermath Larks rise… Continue Reading “Not yet”

full of storm

Es la mañana llena de tempestad en el corazón del verano* The morning is full of storm in the heart of summer, the heat bears us upwards, as if on thermals we circle the sunspots seeking out the dark greens that lurk around arable edges and spread out… Continue Reading “full of storm”