Say 'night-life' and picture where the wild things
hunt along surreptitious byways
or flip a coin and scan a panoramic London vibe
the gatherings that drink and chink in luminous offices
so much laughter, so many jostling for position
cramped as cranes alongside their glass-eyed constructs
they blink and sniff red-nosed at the skyline
where helicopters probe like city raptors

riverboats become bars and bars swim
with spilt liquor and the swell of voices
begging to be heard - rough sleepers plea too
their dogs wrenching coins from kind hearts
only the backstreet resonates with rural roots
rats make a bid for the refuse bins
foxes follow glove-footed in their tracks
out of a side door a girl tumbles in the gutter
predators in parked cars seize the moment

Kim prompts us to pen some lines for a night time view of a real or imagined city