The mercenary

“Where are you hiding, where have you fled with your wild box full of hearts, and your stream of gunpowder?”
Carilda Labra ~ ‘Eve’s Discourse’

Never a word of where to next
not even some code or a digit hint of duration
and the places you've come away from
they are like watercolour paintings
just the first coat of detail
spots of vermillion
brick-dust, greys and tropical green
thin line contrasts with figures
disguised as shadow

such a sanguine man
in the jaws of Azrael
ricocheing round the bullet roulette
smoke rings the chessboard moves
and you'll trail footfalls of blood
for fistfuls of money
I'm not preaching sanctimony here
we're all hung up on hunger but how do you sleep?

And where?
down amongst the camp followers
in and out of pleasure dens
perfumes that douse the redolence of battle
swift embraces to smother stark permanence
left by a cold brother-in-arms

I'm gathering wild berries in the homeland
boxes of them juice my fingers purple
bubbling pulp for the apple to subjugate
- are you hiding your heart
in the dust yet?

In the Imaginary Garden, Kerry has dug up some archives for  Play it Again Toads