the apprentice

Words of a poem should be glass
But glass so simple-subtle its shape

Robert Francis ~ Glass
after the one momentous breath
a steady breeze swelled the vocal folds
'til the word was made more tangible than tongue
blunted and clay-cut to tally sheep and goats
wars and kingdom comes
much later, scripted and baptised in inky fonts
fluency flowed

and yet what waste are words as works of hand
when fished from lexiconic lakes
streamed in babble and labelled
leading edge, la mot à la mode
the emperor wears robes of Phoenician purple
crushed from mollusc multitudes
- naked, he's just an Adam from the birthing factory

I'm content to be apprentice, student of the pitfalls
ciphering the syllables one key stroke at a time
learning to scrawl

I missed Sumana’s Midweek Motif: Word so am linking up to the Poetry Pantry