It’s been two months since I deserted my previous photo and poetry blogs to make this hybrid. In practical terms, one is easier than two and in creative terms, there is a synergy  to be had from working both aspects together here. In short I am happy with the changes!

Meanwhile I am deserting this blog for a short seaside holiday break – the UK weather is unpredictable but still I shall be trying out my Spectra polaroid, as well as taking along the Lumix camera and enjoying some much needed quietude…
…Meanwhile enjoy some ‘Silence’ from D. H. Lawrence:-

Orford Ness - deserted ordanance
“Sounds wave their little wings
A moment, then in weariness settle
On the flood that soundless swings.

Orford Ness - Suffolk
Or the wind shakes a ravel of light
Over the dead-black river,
Or night’s last echoing
Makes the daybreak shiver:

shingle beach - Orford Ness
I feel the silence waiting
To take them all up again
In its vast completeness, enfolding
The sound of men.”