a decline and fall

I decline to use that other A word
whilst there are still vestiges of Aestas
it has been hot, stiflingly so
here in the deep south of the metropolis
so much so that trees drooped disconsolately
in the streets they frittered away foliage
a midsummer strip down to see-through layers
- as did we all - just now then the leaves
that tumble, a mere scattering, smattering
sigh of relief before the main event 

I'm a full-on child of summer, borderline Leonesque
one of the first to throw off cardigan cares
before the May blossoms out
dust off sandals and still walk through puddles
when the first frosts finger toes
at garden parties, you'll find me with the late leavers
as the worn out welcome dawns
timing is the proverbial essence, of law, comedy, drama
and we seasoned performers know to draw out
the relentless minute from the distance left to run* 

Still I woke to see that harbinger of the Fall
this very day, a gangly, gauzy Tipula
tap-tapping the window pane, inside looking out
or maydaying for escape? dot.dot.dash - a short time span
just long enough to mate to die perchance
to offload  leather bound offspring in field and grass
- several hundred each; a numbers game of life
against sharp-eyed starlings on annual mow-down
in the close cut lawns of summer

Hanging in there on some summer for today’s Poetry Pantry