Reasons to shoot in the rain

1. Gains: In temperate climates especially, if we did not go out with camera in the rain, we would lose a lot of days shooting, not to mention the creative possibilities. Simples!

Some photographers like to shoot in the rain – and at the rain – and so carry umbrellas but it is a piece of paraphernalia I tend to do without. Others bundle the cameras into special macs or waddings of plastic bags with just the lens poking through. I have yet to try this.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, merely new challenges, and rain is one of them...”

On this particular day there were heavy and frequent rain showers. For the sake of keeping the camera dry and keeping an appointment,  I rushed to get in a few shots before the next burst. Hence the photos are too snappy but they  give me some encouragement to try again next time there is wet weather.

2. Light: The heavily overcast skies and rain clouds offer the opportunity for some particularly striking lighting (lightning and rainbows are those extra, god-given show stoppers for the favoured few). Here it was more about contrast than textures

“As many landscape photographers will testify, a great time to shoot is immediately after the rain stops. Rain enhances colours”

3. Colours: Without sunlight to bleach colour, the vivid hues can stand out so it is a good idea to make these the subject

“When the skies are dark, a little splash of color can brighten up your images considerably, adding contrast to your compositions”

The Brutalist maze of architectural concrete which is the Southbank Centre, is relieved by some bright yellow paintwork. Hence it can be photogenic in the right light and the right angle. (here I did not pay enough attention to the left margin as focusing too much on straight perpendicular lines on the right)

4. Reflections: Rain before, during and after is synonymous with puddles and there is nothing that add dimension to a photo as much as the mirroring effects that result

“Tarmac surfaces, in particular, become increasingly more contrasty and quite reflective”

When the heavy raindrops returned, I beat a hasty retreat to the nearby cafe and observed others making their way through the rain. I’d intended to make this viewpoint the setting for other shots but a couple came  and sat at the table and I put my camera away.

staying dry!

There are plenty more chances for photography in the rain in the next few days -see – London Weather Forecast

All quotes and further ideas – “Taking Photographs in the Rain

Introspectives:  thinking out loud with an aim to improve and learn more about photography. Hence the images are not always for show – feedback is welcome.

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6 thoughts on “Reasons to shoot in the rain

  1. Very nice colours and ideas. I love to shoot in the rain and unfortunately it seldom does that in Israel. Winter is the only time so nearly every time it rains, I am out to get so many reflective shots. Blessings on your endeavors..

  2. For our weekly botanical rambles – the weather is a given, and the flowers are NOW. I take my photos and they vary hugely, too gloomy, too glary, always that fickle breeze which catches the flower JUST as the shutter clicks. Or not, and those are the ones the camera chooses for my blog.

  3. Love that sky in the 2nd pic as well as the light fixture, it makes for an interesting detail and goes well with the sky colour!
    I always think I’d love to go out shooting in the rain but even though I see so many possibilities of great pictures all around, my excuses are manyfold. Camera body can take the rain but not the lenses. Could use the cut-open-bag method but am too lazy to try because it seems such a hassle. Do not have proper rain gear in my wardrobe… *sigh*. Maybe one day I’ll just do it.

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