12 thoughts on “That time of year

      1. Meant to say – Wenlock was cloudy last night, so missed any star show. Also amused by the Clarkia ‘farewell to spring’ because it looks as if that’s what I’d grown. So yes, clearly expressing intention to try out quite another season. It might be regretting it this morning though. Very frosty on Sheinton St. Must pop out and see how it’s faring.

        1. Think your Godetia should be renamed ‘The Long Goodbye’!
          cloudy in London too but there is still time over the next few nights for falling stars & the Christmas comet could be brightest tomorrow

  1. The color composition is spot-on! The pink hat and orange jacket sleeves are perfect with the sky and lights – nicely captured!

      1. Hahaha! My two favorite ways to shoot: through a red lens filter in monochromatic, and through a red mist of French wine 🙂

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