The years condemn

Call it antiquated, weathered or wabi sabi, there is something so appealing about time-worn artefacts – though our own ageing is often less than picturesque or captivating.

“the wrecks and sprats and shells and fishbones, whale-juice and moonshine and small salt fry dished up by the hidden sea.”
― Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood

For the Lens Artist Photo Challenge: Weathered or Worn

19 Comments on “The years condemn

    • many thanks Tina and apologies due from Akismet for confining your comment to spam 😐
      perhaps picking up on the wabi sabi art of imperfection – certainly the spam netter does make mistakes but not too often

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  1. Beautiful collection. I wonder why it is we don’t find ourselves as appealing when we are showing the signs of time?


  2. The graveyard shot is atmospheric…but all beautiful examples of what we consider appealing – and thoughts of why our own ageing is not. Though we may think it beautiful in others, but not in ourselves. Both my grand mother and my mother were/is ageing beautifully with many happy wrinkles. I am not that fond of my own.


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